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Hamed Hosseinpour - 3D Artwork -Allington Bedroom
Hamed Hosseinpour - 3D Artwork -Allington Bedroom

              , I'm Hamed. "Welcome to my website."
I'm an Architect and 3D Artist, I started my career as an architect and 3D artist in 2014. After receiving my master's degree in architecture, I also involved myself in designing projects and conducting researches. Nowadays, I try to combine these two fields into an applicable art due largely to my distinguished career.


Architecture & design

I started work as a designer and visualizer at Mosallas consulting engineers from 2014 to 2016. I was graduated with a Master of Architecture at Roozbeh university as the best student in the class. After this section, I focused on  Architectural research and Archviz.

Awards & Honors :

​​​- (Article) Criticism of the reconstruction in Akhund neighborhood. (International conference, Imam Khomeini University, Qazvin, Iran) - 2014

- (Article) Physical transformation & time significance in Akhund neighborhood. (International Conference, Berlin, Germany) - 2016

- (Article) Study the structures of human behavior as opposed to urban environment. (International conference, Vrije University, Brussels, Belgium) - 2019

- (Article) Anatomy of space, An introduction of new houses.(International Conference, Munich Germany ) - 2020

- (Competition) Qazvin chamber of commerce. ( 2nd place )
​​​​​​​- (Competition)​​​​​​​ Monument of Mohammad Bagheri Khalili (Appreciated project)

- (Competition)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Qazvin glass competition (Appreciated project)

​​​​​​​and Collaboration in more than 100 architectural design projects.

Hamed Hosseinpour's Resume
Hamed Hosseinpour - Resume

Since 2012 I work on some personal and freelance CGI projects Along with architecture.
​​​​​​​ Awards & Honors :
- 3D Total Excellent Award and top 60 artists of the year in 2014.
​​- CG Architect Award Nomination​​​​​ (student section) in 2015
- 3D World magazine issue 201, Exclusive interview-2015
- VWartclub viz object Award - 2018
- CGarchitect selected Artwork - Trees & Foliage Vol. 4
  And more than 50 editor's choice​​​​​​​ in CGI websites.

CGI & 3D arts

Hamed Hosseinpour- 3D total Award

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